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About NFH Performance Cars

I have been in the motor trade since leaving school in 1971, at which point I went on to complete an apprenticeship, learning my craft - repairing and restoring super cars and classic cars. In 1980 I started my own business - NFH Performance Cars.

Cars have always been a passion and I love what I do. I get great pleasure seeing people leave with what I know is a good car, and feel privileged that I earn a living doing something I really enjoy. I do not consider myself a salesman, and take pride in making sure the cars I sell are always exceptional! I can honestly say that 99.9% of people that come to see one of my cars buy them, Many of my customers tell the same stories about all the badly described horrors they have been to see at other places.

All my cars come from main dealers and Performance car dealers that I have dealt with for many years, I select the best for retail and trade the rest out.

I have successfully raced saloon, sports cars and single seater racing cars and would still now if not for an injury.

If you come to buy a car from NFH Performance Cars and it is not as described, I will gladly pay for your journey, you will never come here and see a sub-standard car. I would rather have nothing for sale at all than a bunch of cars I was not 100% happy with.

The reason the company is called NFH Performance Cars is because for many years I specialised in 205 GTI’s, MR2 Turbo’s. Celica GT4’s and anything else interesting I could get my hands on.

I would travel from one end of the country to the other for the cars, I would take them apart, re-trim them, repaint them and make sure they were mechanically perfect before I sold them.

Once it got more difficult to find the cars I stopped trading all the ordinary vehicles to other dealers and started selling them myself. If you are looking at one of my cars it will be as good as it says it is, I only sell the best!

I look forward to hearing from you soon  Nigel FH